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Background Investigations

Reasons why people frequently need a Background Investigations:

Hiring Employees:

Pre-employment screening and employee background checks are more common these days than ever before. Employers need to know who they are hiring and they have a duty to their shareholders, stakeholders and co-workers to keep everyone as safe as possible. Finding out the truth about someone using a background check is quick, inexpensive and allows an employer or H.R. Department to take the guess work out of hiring.

As part of Due diligence:

When buying a business or even a part of a business, one should always conduct a complete and detailed background check of the person or people selling the business as well as a background check on the business itself. With our American corporate entity, a company is like a person, it has a background of its own. A due diligence background check may also be used in cases where an investment is being considered in some type of project or venture. The reasoning for this type of background check is simple, to protect the investment and the investors.

For Litigation:

Often, when litigation is commenced, an attorney will want as much ammunition as possible to try and attack her or his opponent. A background check can reveal all sorts of things about people that can be used to attack their credibility, truthfulness and to verify or refute the testimony that they provide. In criminal defense cases, many times a background check will be conducted on the accusers or witnesses to try and locate crimes of dishonesty to impeach their testimony.

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