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Accident Reconstruction

accident reconstruction sioux falls sd

Bryan Mohr is an accredited Accident Reconstructionist in southeast South Dakota. His accreditation is by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR). He has been an accident reconstructionist since 1998. He has over 500 hours training in advanced reconstruction courses. He has experience testifying as an expert in court.  

Some of the Accident Reconstruction services we provide:

-Speed Analysis
-Occupant Kinematics
-Post Collision Vehicle Inspections
-Scale Diagramming and Computer Animations
-Scene and Vehicle Photography
-Documentation and Analysis of Physical and Roadway Evidence
-Time-Distance Analysis
-Perception/Reaction Time
-Witness Interviews
-Review Reports and provide opinion
-Expert Witness Testimony

Accident Reconstruction
Accident Reconstruction Sioux Falls South Dakota